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ClassCover Tutor

ClassCover Tutor connects K-12 students across Australia with qualified teachers to boost learning outcomes in english and maths via online tutoring.

About Us - ClassCover Tutor

Who is ClassCover Tutor?

Are you worried about gaps in your child’s education? Or are you noticing that your child is in need of extra learning support to stay on track? ClassCover Tutor connects students around Australia in need of extra help with online tutoring from qualified, accredited teachers.    

ClassCover Tutor is home to highly qualified and experienced teachers who are ready to assist your child in their learning, all from the comfort of your own home online.

All of our teacher tutors come with years of experience, follow the Australian curriculum and are actively teaching in schools across Australia.

We offer affordable online tutoring for students in K-12 in english and maths.

ClassCover Tutor is powered by ClassCover, Australia’s most trusted platform connecting thousands of schools around the country with over 100,000 casual relief teachers. 

How does it work?

We take the effort out of finding a tutor, helping ensure your child reaches their potential.

Once we find out a few details about your child like their year level and subject focus areas, we will get to work matching them with the best tutor to suit their needs.

After an introductory call, your tutoring sessions will kick off at the times you have chosen and your child will be well on their way to boosting their learning potential.


Yes, our tutors are fully insured.

Our tutors are working teachers, and generally have availability outside school hours. Let us know your child’s availability when you are signing up and we will find a tutor that suits.

We ask that you give us at least 24 hours notice if you need to reschedule a session by contacting your tutor directly. We will do our best to rebook the session at a time that works for you and your tutor.

Yes, ClassCover Tutor offers online tutoring in maths for years K-12.

Yes, ClassCover Tutor offers tutoring for students looking for additional challenges outside their curriculum and those aiming for higher stream classes.

Yes, ClassCover Tutor offers online tutoring in english for years K-12.

Yes, ClassCover Tutor offers online science tutoring including biology, physics, and chemistry.

Yes, ClassCover Tutor offers online tutoring for primary years, and everything from K-12. 

ClassCover Tutor charges $80 per session for private online tutoring. The majority of this goes directly to your tutor.

Yes, ClassCover Tutor offers tutoring to prepare students for the NAPLAN (National Assessment Plan Literacy and Numeracy) test. 

Yes, ClassCover Tutor offers online VCE tutoring. We have qualified educators in Victoria ready to help your child prepare for the VCE.

Yes, ClassCover Tutor offers HSC tutoring. We have NSW-based teachers ready to help your child prepare for the HSC. 

Yes, ClassCover Tutor educators are qualified and experienced working with students with special needs, including dyslexia, adhd and autism spectrum disorder.

Thanks for your interest. You can learn more about working with ClassCover Tutor and apply here

Got a question or feedback for us? You can either reach out to your tutor directly or email us at

Our partnerships

ClassCover Tutor partners with some of the leading education organisations in Australia. The Smith Family has entrusted us to help execute the Catch-Up Learning Program, which aims to address the gap in learning outcomes between some of Australia’s most disadvantaged students and their peers.

At the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, when these students were at risk of falling even further behind, ClassCover Tutor provided access to our network of talented educators to provide tutoring support.

We are also engaged by the NSW Department of Education to provide online learning through the government funded, Intensive Learning Support Program. 

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