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Get Your ABN to start Tutoring with ClassCover Tutor

To work with ClassCover Tutor you will need to have an ABN

As you will be self-employed as a private tutor with ClassCover Tutor, you will need to  apply for an ABN at 

It is free and quick to set up, and will mean that you can accept payments using your ABN. 

What is an ABN?

An ABN or an Australian Business Number is a unique identifier used by the government for businesses. These include all businesses, from single person sole traders to larger corporations. 

Why do you need it?

To work as a tutor with ClassCover Tutor, you are an independent business trading as a sole trader that we contract work to. There is no employer/employee relationship between us, but the relationship is that of a sub-contractor. 

Payments can’t be processed until your ABN has been submitted and verified. 

What else can you do with an ABN?

Obtaining an ABN can open up other doors for income in the education space, outside of the classroom. This includes even more tutoring opportunities and selling resources online. 


How to apply for an ABN

When applying for an ABN, it asks you a number of questions to assess your eligibility for an ABN. Click here to apply at the Australian Business Register website