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The NRMA Teams Up with ClassCover to bring Home-Learning Help to their Employees

For many parents, the prolonged lockdowns of the last year have delivered the double-whammy of a shift to working from home, with the added pressure of supervising their kids’ at-home schooling. So, while parents everywhere are putting on their teacher hats — with varying degrees of success – smart employers are waking up to this extra strain on their team and, where they can, starting to do something about it.  

One of those businesses is iconic Aussie roadside assistance provider, the NRMA. Long known for their dedication to employee wellbeing, earlier this month the NRMA joined up with HomeTeacher, the at-home tutoring arm of education technology startup, ClassCover. With an industry-leading platform and a database of over 50,000 educators across the country, ClassCover has been a leading force in shaping modern education during the pandemic.  

Through this partnership, the NRMA are helping their employees take a load off by providing access to online tutoring that picks up in the areas that regular at-home schooling is lacking. And why not? With some studies suggesting brief interruptions (like those created by say, helping a 7-year-old re-join a Zoom call after the internet drops out) can take workers 30 minutes to recover from, it makes sense to reduce these distractions where you can.  

By giving their team access to trained educators, the NRMA are providing real support to working parents and helping eliminate the feelings of guilt and anxiety that can come with at-home learning. And while their kids are busy learning, the NRMA team are free to get back to work.  

What is HomeTeacher?  

HomeTeacher by ClassCover was launched in May 2020 in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. With schools across the country moving to at-home learning, the service was created to help the millions of parents and kids cope with the new way of learning, many for the first time ever.  

Leveraging ClassCover’s database of over 50,000 casual teachers, the service had the dual benefit of connecting families with trained educators, while also providing employment for casual teachers who would otherwise be without work. Since launching, HomeTeacher has grown to provide thousands of hours of catch-up learning to children in need through The Smith Family’s Learning for Life program and have recently been approved by the NSW Department of Education as an official supplier of COVID ILSP tutors to Public Schools across NSW. 

Our Partnership with The Smith Family 

In late 2020, ClassCover approached The Smith Family with a plan to scale up their Catch-up Learning Program. Designed to help disadvantaged youth at risk of falling behind in their studies, the program was a perfect fit for our platform and database of teachers. Fast forward six months and after a massively successful initial pilot program, ClassCover and our team of educators are gearing up to extend the Catch-up Learning Program to an even larger number of students in early 2022. Here’s what ClassCover CEO, Ben Grozier, had to say about the expansion of the program: 

“ClassCover could not be prouder to again be partnering with The Smith Family to connect hundreds of casual relief teachers seeking additional income with some of Australia’s most disadvantaged children.  

“We were elated with the result in the 2020/21 pilot. With refinement and what we’ve learnt from version one with us, we are highly confident that not only will be assisting even more children, the results will be even better.” 

Learn more about HomeTutor from ClassCover 

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