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Teachers and Services You Can Trust

We are safety first

All of our tutors are fully qualified teachers. These qualifications include a current approval to teach in the state of their residence, eg the NSW Education Standards Authority (NESA) and Department of Education NSW (DoE NSW)). Approval to teach also includes a current Working With Children Check (WWCC) valid for their state or territory.
The ClassCover platform provides a live feed of teacher accreditation data meaning that we are alerted to any teachers whose qualifications are approaching a date where they need to be refreshed. 
We are very fortunate that due to our very large database of qualified teachers, we can expertly match teachers with the unique needs of all children. This includes special / additional needs, gifted and talented and twice exceptional (2E) students. 

Who is behind ClassCover Tutor?

ClassCover Tutor is brought to you by ClassCover, an app that connects thousands of schools with over 100,000 casual teachers.

Since 2015, ClassCover has been the leader in casual teacher placement, simplifying the booking and management of casual teachers in every state in Australia and New Zealand.

All teachers on ClassCover Tutor are verified with background checks and working with children certificates. Teachers who don’t have the correct qualifications can’t work in schools and subsequently can’t work for ClassCover Tutor. 

That’s why you can trust us and trust our teachers to give you and your child the best service around. 

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